2014-12-25 Christoph EggerProperly decode UIDs (utf-8 / ignore) master
2014-12-03 Christoph EggerAdd final newline so gpgparticipants uses all fingerprints
2014-12-03 Christoph EggerAdd /fingerprints/
2014-11-30 Christoph Eggerunicode fix
2014-11-28 Christoph EggerAlign Headers to the left -- looks weird otherwise
2014-11-28 Christoph EggerAdd keysize to index page
2014-11-25 Christoph EggerAdd form to add keys via a webbrowser
2014-11-25 Christoph EggerAdd basedir variable that can be modified in deployment
2014-11-24 Christoph EggerTool with some features