2020-01-16 Christoph Eggerbenchmarks\~ master
2020-01-16 Christoph EggerFixes for actually working with multi-authorities,...
2020-01-16 Christoph Eggerintegrate secret sharing
2020-01-15 Christoph Eggeroptimize
2020-01-15 Christoph Eggertest & fix
2020-01-15 Christoph EggerAdd secret sharing
2020-01-12 Christoph Eggerupdate documentation
2020-01-12 Christoph EggerUpdate documentation
2020-01-12 Christoph Eggercompress ciphertext slightly and add way more tests
2020-01-12 Christoph Eggerimplement hybrid encryption
2020-01-06 Christoph Eggerrename encrypt to encap
2020-01-06 Christoph EggerExtend tests
2020-01-06 Christoph EggerFixes, working now, kind of base scheme
2020-01-06 Christoph EggerCode drop
2020-01-04 Christoph EggerImport