2016-02-18 Christoph Eggerrebuild actual zonefiles master
2016-02-18 Christoph Eggerfix locking
2016-02-06 Christoph EggerMove new tls tools to subdirectory
2016-02-06 Christoph EggerAdd sample inventory
2016-02-06 Christoph EggerAdd addrecord utility
2016-01-08 Christoph EggerActually output zonefilesnippets
2016-01-08 Christoph EggerWhitespace cleanup
2016-01-08 Christoph EggerCleanup
2016-01-08 Christoph EggerAdd certificate parsing parts for autogenerating tlsa...
2016-01-08 Christoph EggerAdd License
2015-11-16 Christoph EggerAlso check NS record for validity
2015-11-16 Christoph EggerAdd check for same SOA on all NSes
2015-11-07 Christoph EggerRemove code from debugging
2015-11-07 Christoph EggerNicely format time-until-expire
2015-11-07 Christoph EggerAdd xmpp check
2015-11-07 Christoph EggerAdd name in addition to host to tls-check
2015-01-05 Christoph Egger[backup-zfs] use pipelined mode (way faster)
2015-01-05 Christoph Egger[backup-zfs] regularly flush remotefile
2015-01-05 Christoph Egger[backup-zfs] Tune buffer sizes
2015-01-05 Christoph Egger[backup-zfs] Use gpg2 (no particular reason)
2015-01-05 Christoph Egger[backup-zfs] Add missing colon
2015-01-05 Christoph EggerOnly print data rate after second junk (it's not reliab...
2014-11-22 Christoph EggerFix typo
2014-11-22 Christoph EggerAdd support for configuration files
2014-11-22 Christoph EggerMake tls-check more flexible and add smtp/starttls...
2014-10-30 Christoph EggerAdd TLS certificate checker
2014-10-29 Christoph EggerAlso check DNSKEY records
2014-10-29 Christoph EggerAdd verbose mode to make it more usefull as an icinga2...
2014-10-29 Christoph EggerSet return codes as needed for nagios / icinga
2014-10-29 Christoph EggerCheck if result is considered secure as well
2014-10-29 Christoph EggerIDN + check for SOA instead for A record
2014-10-29 Christoph Eggeradd dnssec checkscript
2014-09-30 Christoph EggerAdd output for total time
2014-09-30 Christoph Eggerbackup tool for zfs