descriptionZsh configuration
ownerChristoph Egger <>
last changeSat, 18 Feb 2017 16:08:49 +0000 (17:08 +0100)
2017-02-18 Christoph EggerAdd Makefile master
2017-02-18 Christoph EggerAdd porterbox utility
2017-02-18 Christoph EggerFix fpath to load custom directories
2016-04-06 Christoph EggerAdd zle widget to remove path components backwards
2016-04-06 Christoph Egger+= cdtmp
2016-02-23 Christoph EggerAdd function to call youtube-dl
2016-02-23 Christoph EggerAdd `dak` alias
2016-02-23 Christoph EggerAdd alias to launch GUI Emacs
2016-02-23 Christoph Eggerupdate hostname for
2016-02-23 Christoph Eggerremove old and long obsolet WiFi key
2016-02-11 Christoph EggerAdd alias g=git
2016-01-24 Christoph EggerFix FreeBSD terminal
2015-11-08 Christoph Eggerrestrict fuzzy matcher somewhat
2015-08-01 Christoph Eggermore idiomatic check for systemctl
2015-08-01 Christoph EggerAdd _force_rehash completer from Simon
2015-08-01 Christoph EggerAdd failed systemctl services to root's prompt
5 years ago master