Create useable fstab for kfreebsd systems
[forks/vmdebootstrap.git] / examples /
2015-05-02 Neil WilliamsApply armhf default to examples.
2015-05-02 Neil WilliamsAdd dosfstools to bbb example for vfat fschk support.
2015-01-05 Neil Williamsimprove the wandboard uboot uEnv.txt content again
2015-01-04 Neil Williamsfix typo in script
2015-01-04 Neil WilliamsImprove wandboard support
2015-01-02 Neil Williamstrim cubietruck example to a possible vm image
2015-01-02 Neil WilliamsSet whoami owner outside the call to sudo
2014-12-23 Neil Williamsadd modules to cubietruck example and provide a wandboa...
2014-12-23 Neil WilliamsAllow space for a bootloader installed with dd
2014-08-28 Neil WilliamsFix call to the example script and note requirement...
2014-08-28 Neil WilliamsMerge branch 'codehelp/bugfixes'
2014-08-26 Neil Williamsfix permissions on lava example script.
2014-08-26 Neil WilliamsAdd examples to go into /usr/share to make it easier...