descriptionvmdebootstrap development for kfreebsd
ownerChristoph Egger <>
last changeSun, 1 Nov 2015 18:25:26 +0000 (19:25 +0100)
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerCreate useable fstab for kfreebsd systems master
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerAdd freebsd-variant of mounting dev, proc and sys in...
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerUse grub-probe instead of blkid on freebsd
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerAlternatively use mdconfig instead of kpartx if run...
2015-09-13 Neil Williamsfix typos
2015-09-13 Neil Williamsfix manpage typo
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsUpdate for systemd persistent interface mask
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsPrepare for 0.11 release
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsSimplify the networking checks
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsMerge branch 'bugs'
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsReinstate headless support if there is no /dev/tty
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsExtend debootstrapopts support for multiple opts
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsAdd support for debootstrapopts
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsEnsure wheezy amd64 warning is only used with uefi
2015-08-31 Neil WilliamsPrepare 0.10 release
2015-08-31 Neil WilliamsFix lookup of efi_arch_table for non-uefi arches
5 years ago master