Create useable fstab for kfreebsd systems
[forks/vmdebootstrap.git] / vmdebootstrap
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerCreate useable fstab for kfreebsd systems master
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerAdd freebsd-variant of mounting dev, proc and sys in...
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerUse grub-probe instead of blkid on freebsd
2015-11-01 Christoph EggerAlternatively use mdconfig instead of kpartx if run...
2015-09-13 Neil Williamsfix typos
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsUpdate for systemd persistent interface mask
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsPrepare for 0.11 release
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsSimplify the networking checks
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsMerge branch 'bugs'
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsReinstate headless support if there is no /dev/tty
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsExtend debootstrapopts support for multiple opts
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsAdd support for debootstrapopts
2015-09-13 Neil WilliamsEnsure wheezy amd64 warning is only used with uefi
2015-08-31 Neil WilliamsPrepare 0.10 release
2015-08-31 Neil WilliamsFix lookup of efi_arch_table for non-uefi arches
2015-08-14 Neil WilliamsInitial support for UEFI images
2015-07-04 Neil WilliamsSpecific support for wheezy networking.
2015-06-28 Neil WilliamsEnable networking in source directory
2015-06-28 Neil WilliamsLet acpid be omitted
2015-06-28 Neil WilliamsAdd distro-info support for kernel names
2015-05-02 Neil Williamspylint tweaks
2015-05-02 Neil WilliamsSet a default boot partition offset with grub
2015-05-02 Neil WilliamsExclude syslinux support when using grub
2015-05-02 Neil WilliamsOnly configure console if serial-console is set
2015-05-02 Neil WilliamsDefault to armmp kernel for armhf architecture.
2015-04-10 Neil Williamsinstall grub-pc instead of grub2
2015-01-04 Neil Williamspython3 tweak
2015-01-04 Neil WilliamsEnsure all tests for swap look for a number
2015-01-04 Neil WilliamsAllow builds without a tty
2015-01-02 Neil WilliamsSet serial and graphical grub output terminal
2015-01-02 Neil WilliamsAdd swap support
2015-01-02 Neil Williamsallow setting rootfstype to support ext3
2015-01-02 Neil Williamssilence the apt update in configure-apt
2015-01-02 Neil WilliamsAllow chown to operate with tarballs
2014-12-27 Neil Williamsadd mbr back to support extlinux and check for installa...
2014-12-25 Neil Williamsfix creation of extlinux configuration
2014-12-23 Neil Williamsdrop necessary packages and use the include list directly
2014-12-23 Neil WilliamsAllow space for a bootloader installed with dd
2014-12-23 Neil WilliamsFix package lists if no necessary packages exist
2014-12-23 Neil WilliamsImprove structure and fix pylint issues
2014-12-23 Neil WilliamsPrint which distribution is being debootstrapped
2014-12-22 Neil WilliamsAdd support for apt mirror and package list.
2014-11-16 Neil WilliamsFix typo in bootsize partition space
2014-10-18 Neil WilliamsAdd sparse option to not fill image with zeros
2014-10-18 Neil Williamsimprove error message with a hint to install grub2...
2014-10-16 Neil WilliamsSwitch to
2014-10-16 Neil WilliamsRun update-initramfs -u after installing kernel
2014-08-31 Neil Williamspep8 fixes
2014-08-31 Neil WilliamsAdd environment support to runcmd and pass noninteracti...
2014-08-28 Neil WilliamsUse simple subprocess call for default_arch to prevent...
2014-08-28 Neil Williamshandle missing customise scripts cleanly with fallback...
2014-08-28 Neil WilliamsMerge branch 'codehelp/bugfixes'
2014-08-28 Neil WilliamsAllow option to chown the image when complete.
2014-08-27 Neil WilliamsAdd support for grub2 configuration, falling back to...
2014-08-26 Neil WilliamsLet configure-apt be optional to prevent duplicate...
2014-08-26 Neil WilliamsUse the dpkg architecture as the default
2014-08-26 Neil WilliamsMake x86 calls conditional to allow for use on other...
2014-08-26 Neil WilliamsAdd configure_apt option and preserve the debootstrap...
2014-08-25 Neil Williamspep8 fixes
2014-08-25 Neil WilliamsAdd squashfs support
2014-08-24 Neil WilliamsMove inittab change outside extlinux install function...
2014-08-10 Neil WilliamsAllow option to chown the image when complete.
2014-04-07 Tollef Fog HeenIgnore failure to set host name
2014-04-07 Tollef Fog HeenCheck for extlinux, not no-extlinux, fixes crash
2014-03-18 Lars WirzeniusChange --no-extlinux to --extlinux
2014-03-18 Lars WirzeniusApply patch from Neil Williams to fix kpartx timing...
2014-03-13 Sunil Mohan AdapaMake kpartx wait until partitions are actually created.
2013-11-15 Lars WirzeniusUpdate version number in program
2013-11-15 Lars WirzeniusUpdate copyright date
2013-10-27 Lars WirzeniusAnother bugfix from Pere
2013-10-27 Lars WirzeniusMerged fixups from Petter Reinholdtsen
2013-10-26 Lars WirzeniusMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-10-26 Petter ReinholdtsenAdd support for building "foreign" images, ie non host...
2013-07-23 Lars WirzeniusRelease version 0.1.0
2013-07-14 Lars WirzeniusFix eth0 to come up automatically
2013-07-14 Antonio TerceiroOptimize final image compression rate
2013-07-14 Antonio Terceiroclean up APT cache after installing packages
2013-07-14 Antonio TerceiroAllow custom command to handle the serial console
2013-06-10 Lars WirzeniusFix kernel package names
2013-04-15 Lars WirzeniusAlways install acpid
2013-04-15 Lars WirzeniusFix if statement indentation
2013-04-06 Lars WirzeniusErf, undo the removal of mbr
2013-04-05 Lars WirzeniusMerge branch 'no-mbr'
2013-04-05 Lars WirzeniusRemove use of mbr
2013-03-25 Lars WirzeniusDon't make boots be quiet
2012-10-13 Lars WirzeniusMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/richard_maw/tar...
2012-10-13 Lars WirzeniusMerge remote-tracking branch 'richard_maw/richardmaw...
2012-10-11 Richard MawMerge branch 'no-kernel-option' into tar-no-kernel
2012-10-11 Richard MawDon't run debootstrap with empty --include=
2012-10-11 Richard MawRun customize before install_extlinux
2012-10-11 Richard MawMerge branch 'richardmaw/tarball-option' into tar-no...
2012-10-11 Richard MawAdd --no-kernel option
2012-10-10 Richard MawAdd --tarball option to create a tar of the disk
2012-08-26 Lars WirzeniusLog messages
2012-07-16 Lars WirzeniusUse the usual cliapp.runcmd and not our bastard version
2012-07-16 Lars WirzeniusFix copyright statements
2012-07-16 Lars WirzeniusCreate password-less accounts when requested
2012-07-16 Lars WirzeniusCleanups and --lock-root-password and no default root...
2011-12-24 Lars Wirzeniusadd --custom-package option
2011-12-24 Lars Wirzeniusadd --sudo option