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1 Scripting
2 =========
4 The Interpreter Window
5 ----------------------
7 The simplest interface to FrIDa scripting is the dock window on the
8 bottom. It allows you to enter arbitrary GUILE commands and access the
9 FrIDa API. However it is not the preferred environment to do larger
10 scripting work in but rather a way to give a quick call start some of
11 the magic scripts.
13 Loading Scripts
14 ---------------
16 If you have written a FrIDa script, you can evaluate it using the
17 Interpreter Menu. GUILE Scripts are assumend to end in .scm. There is
18 unrestricted GUILE access available as well as the FrIDa API.
20 Connect with geiser
21 -------------------
23 When the GUILE plugin is loaded, it automatically starts a geiser
24 server listening on localhost port 37146. This allows you to connect
25 to FrIDa from your emacs. It gives you a powerfull REPL and full
26 programming support -- code completion, directly testing your commands
27 on a live binary.