Switch again BasicBlockWidget base -- to QGraphicsTextItem
[frida/frida.git] / src / gui / widgets / BasicBlockWidget.hxx
2015-02-17 Christoph EggerSwitch again BasicBlockWidget base -- to QGraphicsTextItem
2015-01-29 Christoph EggerMake link to local functions clickable
2015-01-15 Christoph EggerMove back to QTableWidget so we get proper programmatic...
2015-01-14 Christoph EggerMake function/jump targets clickable
2015-01-10 Christoph EggerMake name accessible in BasicBlockWidgets
2015-01-08 Christoph Eggerformating improvements
2015-01-07 Christoph EggerUse QGraphicsProxyWidget
2015-01-07 Christoph EggerWhitespace cleanup
2014-12-18 Christoph EggerQTableWidget -> QLabel + HTML
2014-12-07 Christoph Eggerproperly include std::array
2014-12-04 Christoph EggerAdd support for backward edges
2014-11-28 Christoph EggerAdd CFGScene QGraphicsScene taking care of BasicBlock...
2014-11-28 Christoph EggerChange BasicBlockWidget and assume upperLeft is (0...
2014-06-03 Christoph EggerDistinguish single edges from double edges
2014-06-03 Christoph EggerDraw edges between BasicBlockWidgets while handling...
2014-06-03 Christoph EggerMove stuff for BasicBlockWidget out of the header file
2014-06-03 Christoph EggerRemove grid
2014-06-03 Christoph EggerMove to table widget -- looks nicer and matches better
2014-05-31 Christoph EggerFix height of BasicBlockWidgets
2014-05-27 Christoph Eggerresize widgets to fit content
2014-05-27 Christoph EggerFill BasicBlockWidgets with actual assembly instructions
2014-05-27 Christoph Eggerplace BasicBlockWidgets on the canvas
2014-05-20 Christoph EggerResize the basicBlock widget
2014-02-10 Christoph EggerSeparate out several parts of llvm-using code ; Add...