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2015-10-12 Christoph EggerAdd doc repo as submodule master
2015-10-12 Christoph Eggermove doc/ out of the way
2015-10-12 Christoph EggerWrap long lines
2015-10-12 Christoph Eggeradd InformationManager::getEntryAddress
2015-10-12 Christoph EggerAdd comments
2015-10-12 Christoph EggerWrap long lines
2015-10-12 Christoph EggerRemove unused has* from InformationManager
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerTemp-fix tests
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerOnly emit resetEvent if binary was succesfully loaded
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerSilence compiler warnings
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerRun the disassembler in it's own thread
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerPass NewFunctionEvents as objects, not pointers
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerRegister types for cross-thread signals
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerMake LogDock and LogDockAppender communicate by signals
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerMake requestNewFunction pass a signal
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerActually set frida version
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerAdd freebsd names for llvm-config
2015-05-27 Christoph EggerReenable Qt Signal keywords
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerCleanup documentation
2015-05-26 Christoph Eggerproperly terminate guile thread v0.2
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerCreate a Settings object in fridatest as well
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerAlways keep log scrolled to the bottom
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerAlwas make the first BasicBlock visible
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerFix redraw bug -- call prepareGeometryChange()
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerRemove adjustSize() hack -- doesn't seem to be necessar...
2015-05-26 Christoph Eggerin populateWidget create new TextDocument and attach...
2015-05-26 Christoph EggerMake signals from geiser work
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerMove to Qt Signal/Slots
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerLazy layout CFGs
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerMultiply stepsize by 3
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerAdd comments on how the graph is drawn
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerAdd basic Backlog to ScriptingDock
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerDo proper errorhandling for fileload
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerUse protected domainsocket for geiser
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerAdd settings Class
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerFix formating of comments. Should not start with a...
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerAnnotate function address
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerSome comments
2015-05-24 Christoph EggerAdd missing Include-Guards to dialogs
2015-05-24 Christoph EggerMove qt.hxx up one directory
2015-05-24 Christoph EggerScript files are not actually binaries but scripts!
2015-05-24 Christoph Eggeradd logging to the Guile module
2015-05-24 Christoph EggerFix segfault when loading a sceme file
2015-05-19 Christoph EggerColor logmessages according to severity
2015-05-19 Christoph EggerHighlight jumptargets
2015-05-19 Christoph EggerDon't create empty blocks for unconditional jumps out...
2015-05-16 Christoph EggerRemove deprecated printEachInstruction function
2015-05-16 Christoph EggerMove each widget exactly once per layout iteration
2015-05-15 Christoph EggerAllow Drag-Scrolling in CFG-View
2015-05-15 Christoph EggerHandle cancel on InterpreterMenu
2015-05-12 Christoph EggerAdapt Licensing v0.1
2015-04-25 Christoph EggerOfficially support LLVM-3.6
2015-04-25 Christoph EggerSome code cleanup
2015-04-25 Christoph EggerFix logic flaw preventing us from handling symbols...
2015-04-01 Christoph EggerCreate helper to generate disassembler tests
2015-04-01 Christoph EggerAdd armel testcase
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerAdd (failing) mipsel test
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerComments in BasicBlockWidget for the magic
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerProperly fail if no appropriate Disassembler can be...
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerSet Loglevel to ERROR for testcases
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerAdd testcases for disassembler
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerProperly add StreamReader class
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerPreliminary LLVM-3.6 support
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerAlso allow libquazip.so
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerDisable buildModule
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerSet minimum width to prevent endless loop on empty...
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerHandle opening of invalid FrIDa file
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerProperly handle abort of open dialog
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerProper error handling when opening binary
2015-03-24 Christoph EggerFix stupid Qt adjustSize() behavior
2015-03-24 Christoph EggerFix last commit
2015-03-24 Christoph Egger(De)serialization of Comments
2015-03-24 Christoph EggerUse QString::arg to construct testcase filenames
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerSave dynamic attribute of functions
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerMake GUI Widget move Comments through the backend properly
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerBump Cmake compat version
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerDon't save the function we're not using
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerRemove whitespace around printed instruction
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerImplement InformationManager / Comment and ChangeCommen...
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerChange from list to vector
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerRework API for getting at instructions
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerInclude pointer to changed function in RenameFunctionEvent
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerRemove unnecessary include for <string>
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerAllow setting loglevel from commandline
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerFix SWIG generation for maps
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerInstall the guile-frida-bindings into system library...
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerProperly allow plugins to load for testing
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerAdd new files missing from previous few commits
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerBuild working `make install` target
2015-03-16 Christoph EggerRestructure InformationManager
2015-03-13 Christoph EggerBasic MachO Support
2015-03-13 Christoph EggerMore logging in LLVMDisassembler
2015-03-12 Christoph Egger[BasicBlockWidget] Adjust inner widget size before...
2015-03-12 Christoph EggerMove the interpreters to the core InformationManager
2015-03-12 Christoph EggerComplete accessors for InformationManager managed objects
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerRemove unnecessary Interpreter.cxx
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerUser proper hirarchial names for loggers
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerActually build Dockstuff
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerAdd log widget to lower dock
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerCleanup