Add some hotkeys
[frida/frida.git] / src / gui / Mainwindow.hxx
2015-02-16 Christoph EggerAdd some hotkeys
2015-02-16 Christoph EggerRenaming functions
2015-01-29 Christoph EggerMake link to local functions clickable
2015-01-22 Christoph EggerProperly implement plane selection
2015-01-22 Christoph EggerAllow addition of new functions
2015-01-10 Christoph EggerAdd logging infrastructure for mainwindow
2015-01-07 Christoph EggerAdd in an Information Manager
2015-01-03 Christoph EggerConsistently use include-guards
2015-01-03 Christoph Eggerchange QT signals to QT_NO_KEYWORDS
2014-11-26 Christoph EggerAdd guile scripting
2014-06-03 Christoph EggerDraw edges between BasicBlockWidgets while handling...
2014-05-27 Christoph EggerPass function instead of name
2014-05-23 Christoph EggerAllow opening of binary via comman argument
2014-05-20 Christoph EggerFactor out llvm disassembler
2014-05-15 Christoph EggerRename include.hxx to include_llvm.hxx
2014-02-10 Christoph EggerUpdate for Qt 5