add logging to the Guile module
[frida/frida.git] / src / main.cxx
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerAllow setting loglevel from commandline
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerProperly allow plugins to load for testing
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerBuild working `make install` target
2015-03-05 Christoph EggerSet Version
2015-01-21 Christoph EggerCleanup <iostream> in main()
2015-01-07 Christoph EggerWhitespace cleanup
2015-01-07 Christoph EggerAdd in an Information Manager
2015-01-05 Christoph EggerCleanup sourcetree
2014-11-19 Christoph EggerMake commandline parser optional to build against cip...
2014-05-23 Christoph EggerAlso handle case with no filename provided
2014-05-23 Christoph EggerAllow opening of binary via comman argument
2014-05-21 Christoph EggerCleanup of old code
2014-05-21 Christoph EggerAdd comand line argument parser
2014-05-20 Christoph EggerSome more logging
2014-05-15 Christoph EggerRename include.hxx to include_llvm.hxx
2014-02-10 Christoph EggerSeparate out several parts of llvm-using code ; Add...
2014-02-10 Christoph EggerUpdate for Qt 5
2013-11-08 Christoph EggerUpdate
2013-11-08 Christoph EggerInitial commit