Add doc repo as submodule
[frida/frida.git] / src / core /
2015-10-12 Christoph Eggeradd InformationManager::getEntryAddress
2015-10-12 Christoph EggerAdd comments
2015-10-12 Christoph EggerRemove unused has* from InformationManager
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerTemp-fix tests
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerOnly emit resetEvent if binary was succesfully loaded
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerRun the disassembler in it's own thread
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerPass NewFunctionEvents as objects, not pointers
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerRegister types for cross-thread signals
2015-06-02 Christoph EggerMake requestNewFunction pass a signal
2015-05-27 Christoph EggerReenable Qt Signal keywords
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerMove to Qt Signal/Slots
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerAdd settings Class
2015-05-25 Christoph EggerSome comments
2015-05-24 Christoph EggerMove qt.hxx up one directory
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerProperly fail if no appropriate Disassembler can be...
2015-03-26 Christoph EggerProperly add StreamReader class
2015-03-25 Christoph EggerHandle opening of invalid FrIDa file
2015-03-24 Christoph EggerFix last commit
2015-03-24 Christoph Egger(De)serialization of Comments
2015-03-24 Christoph EggerUse QString::arg to construct testcase filenames
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerSave dynamic attribute of functions
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerMake GUI Widget move Comments through the backend properly
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerDon't save the function we're not using
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerImplement InformationManager / Comment and ChangeCommen...
2015-03-20 Christoph EggerChange from list to vector
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerRework API for getting at instructions
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerInclude pointer to changed function in RenameFunctionEvent
2015-03-19 Christoph EggerRemove unnecessary include for <string>
2015-03-18 Christoph EggerAdd new files missing from previous few commits
2015-03-16 Christoph EggerRestructure InformationManager
2015-03-12 Christoph EggerMove the interpreters to the core InformationManager
2015-03-12 Christoph EggerComplete accessors for InformationManager managed objects
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerUser proper hirarchial names for loggers
2015-03-11 Christoph EggerCleanup
2015-03-10 Christoph EggerAdd SWIG bindings for the guile interpreter
2015-03-10 Christoph EggerProperly initialize end address in BasicBlock
2015-03-10 Christoph EggerUse forward-declaration for QTemporaryFile
2015-03-05 Christoph EggerFinish archive loading
2015-03-05 Christoph EggerAdd binary to saved archive
2015-03-05 Christoph EggerAdd logger for InformationManager
2015-03-05 Christoph Eggerdirectly set function name
2015-03-04 Christoph EggerAllow tests to properly run from out-of-tree build...
2015-03-03 Christoph EggerAdd support for deserializing functions
2015-03-03 Christoph Eggerimplement basic deserialization of BasicBlock's
2015-03-03 Christoph EggerAdd testcase for serializing / deserializing BasicBlocks
2015-03-03 Christoph EggerMake pieces of information serialize themselves
2015-03-03 Christoph EggerFix Loading of symbolless files
2015-02-24 Christoph EggerReoganize Function/BasicBlock creation
2015-02-23 Christoph EggerName functions in BasicBlock view
2015-02-20 Christoph Eggerconstify function in Function
2015-02-20 Christoph EggerProperly rename function
2015-02-20 Christoph Eggerconstify accessors in BasicBlock
2015-02-20 Christoph EggerPass the InformationManager inside the BasicBlock and...
2015-02-20 Christoph EggerRemove unused LLVMBasicBlock class
2015-02-20 Christoph EggerMake InformationManager responsible for cleaning Blocks...
2015-02-20 Christoph EggerMove Function/BasicBlock to core and clean up includes
2015-02-19 Christoph EggerAdd basic save support (Infrastructure)
2015-01-21 Christoph EggerAdd dynamically linked symbols
2015-01-20 Christoph EggerFix startup if no binary is specified on the commandline
2015-01-14 Christoph EggerMake LLVMDisassembler a template class
2015-01-07 Christoph EggerAdd in an Information Manager